The Sobering Affect of Georgia DUI Fines and Fees


Celebrators toasting in 2012 apparently refrained from getting behind the wheel this past New Year’s Eve.
According to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the number of alcohol-related motor vehicle accidents on New Year’s Eve is decreasing every year.

In Georgia, the number of alcohol-related fatal accidents has decreased 5 percent from the previous year. According to Hall County Sheriff’s Sgt. Kiley Sargent, the public is finally starting to get the message to make safe decisions and not to drink and drive. It could also be the $10,000 price tag for a DUI in Georgia that deters drivers from drinking and driving.

Each year, Georgia has over 200,000 DUI arrests. According to Century Council, approximately 11,773 people were killed in crashes involving a drunk driver last year. This year, law enforcement officials are cracking down even more on drunk drivers, and with the high-cost of a DUI, drivers are starting to listen.

If you are caught with a Blood Alcohol Content of 0.08 grams or more in Georgia, these are just some of the fees associated with a DUI arrest you need to worry about:

Bail Cost: $150 – $2,500, depends on how many offenses you’ve had and your blood alcohol level.

Towing: Cost: $50 – $200, this cost can add up daily. Some cities may auction your car if you can not afford to get your car after 30 days.

Insurance Cost: $4,500+, one of the biggest hits a drunken driver takes is in insurance premiums, which may affect insurance rates for three to five years. Your policy will be classified as “high-risk” and rates can likely double, triple or even quadruple.

Legal Fees: $2,000- $25,000

Other Fines: $300 – $5,000, depends on your offense and if there have been any previous arrests.

Alcohol Evaluation Cost: $95 – $300.

Alcohol Education and Treatment Cost: $500 – $4,000

License Reinstatement Fees: $210 – $410. Once you have completed a state-certified risk reduction program, which costs $287, you can reinstate your Georgia driver’s license for a fee of $210 – $410.

The fees are sobering! Fortunately, data shows that drivers are finding alternative modes of transport.